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भुलाह एक पिकनिक की सबसे बढ़िया जगह  है | यह स्थान जन्जेहली से लगभग 6 किलोमीटर पड़ता है | यहाँ से शिकारी देवी भी लगभग 9 किलोमीटर पड़ता है | Bulah is on the way to Shikari Devi and it is before 9 km from Shikari Devi. 

Bulah at Shikari MataBhulah is one od beautiful place in this region and preferred as picknic spot by many school students. Sports activities are held by locals during snowfall time.

Shikari wildlife area also startes from here. After bhulah many prefer to take a short route for trekking instead of going by vechile. By trek it is about 1 hour journey alongwith a Nala (River) with beautiful view. Instead of going direct by car to shikari devi (shikari mata temple) you can prefer to park your vechile here and start beautiful journey from here.

There is a small temple situated at Bhulah, you may want to go and see it. 

Here you can take a break before going to shikari mata or after coming from Shikari mta.

To reach Bhulah you can take a bus or from janjehli / Thunag main bus stand. This beautiful place can be visited any time. For snow lovers good time is Jan / feb.

Here is a view taken during snowfall:-

Bulah view snowfall time shikari mata

If you are nature and green lover then why not to visit it after rain ? Jun / July & Aug/Sept is also good choice for watching green ground with thick forest around you.
Bhulah after rain green view janjelhi shikari mata
Have a Great journey to Bhulah!

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